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 ISO 9001:2015 och ISO14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015

A3 Certification 2018
EN 1090

Highest Creditworthiness

Our company is credit worthy according to Soliditet's credit assessment system that are based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.


RNP AB was founded in 1994. During the first years our orders consisted mostly of whole projects, such as exchanging large parts of process equipment at larger companies but gradually increased the rental of welders and mechanics to companies in the western part of SkŚne.

RNP AB is today the leading company in northern Europe when it comes to laser work. As one of only five companies in the world we can offer detailed tube laser cutting using the latest techniques with the so called BYTUBE machine.

RNP Environmental Policy
RNP shall strive to reduce its environmental impact.

In practice this entails:
· Complying with current environmental legislation and showing consideration to   the requirements and demands of external parties
· By applying the Prudence Principle, contributing to long-term and ecologically   sustainable development
· Improving environmental awareness in the workplace
· Influencing our suppliers in order to reduce the environmental impact of   transports
We shall reduce our environmental impact through Management by Objectives and the continuous improvement of our processes.


Modern laser techniques give undreamed of possibilities for complicated and advanced solutions.

Tube-laser-cut parts opens up for new designs. In the three films below are some examples:

RNP AB turnover about 60 Million Swedish crowns and has 32 employees, of which 20 are welders with Europe license EN-287. About one third of the staff is rented out as licensed welders that make us one of the leading companies in the south of Sweden within this enterprise.

RNP ABís other operations consists of jointing laser cutting for local clients in the region as well as tube, beams, and profile laser cutting for the vehicle industry et al.

Our business concept

Our business concept is to deliver cost efficiant and technical solutions of high quality within laser processing and qualified welding.
We also cooperate with our clients to develop and create new business possibilities by being the leading company  in technique and applications of advanced tube laser cutting.

RNP AB   Faktorigatan 7   S - 261 35 Landskrona   Sweden   Phone +46 418  44 87 70