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is the leading laser machining player in northern Europe. We have 20 years' experience and are one of only five companies in the world that can offer tube laser cutting using the latest technology provided by the Bytube machine.
We can also offer our clients cutting edge technology within fully automatic plane laser cutting and qualified welding. All of our welders have a EN-287 European licence.

Tubelaser Bystronic Bytube

A new and faster way to make items that could only be milled previously that gives constructors and designers the possibility to think along entirely new lines.

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Smart intersections - several functions per mm steel
The combination of jointing cutter and tube laser has proven to be very interesting. In the past 20 years it has only been possible to laser cut surface steel sheet and miscellaneous two-dimensional machine parts, but now we can also offer the market structure/framework by itself. This adds up to higher quality levels and shorter lead times. The client's entire product is now within the same system.

Fast and flexible for a more demanding market
The number of work stages can be minimized radically when you work consistently from standard profiles in the construction work. This creates remarkably rapid and flexible developing processes for today's ever-changing products. We emanate from a standard profile to produce what we call "smart intersections" to provide as much function as possible per mm pipe. It is possible to produce items with precise measurements that can be hooked into each other and fixed into position, at the same time as you can make holes, openings and alignments to other items. Item numbers and text can also be engraved on the item from the outset.

Competitive solutions
Tube laser cut solutions make it possible to sometimes replace items that previously could only be made through traditional processing, also in most cases at a very competitive cost.

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